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Monrovile(Pty)Ltd was founded in 2015 with a view to provide and develop unique bullet resistant clothing & uniform using specialized material and the latest technology, to meet the Client’s resources and budgets for all its safety needs. Monrovile(Pty)Ltd is 100% Black owned company in south Africa which provides a developed range of Ballistic Amour and all types of uniform; the success of which is based in the design which incorporates a system of ceramic plates and soft ballistic inserts. Monrovile(Pty)Ltd resurrects from the African soil and fully embraces the Presidency’s vision of the African renaissance in the Public and Private Sector. Our competitive edge is our understanding and implementation of the Governments National Legislative Policy Framework, furthermore . Monrovile(Pty)Ltd mirrors the Presidents sentiments in reawakening the African Spirit by providing African Solution is an African Concept. Monrovile(Pty)Ltd Share holders believe that we owe it to our Country to contribute to the Organizations by high quality bullet resistant clothing with the quest to preservation of human life. Monrovile(Pty)Lt manufactures and supplies a range of vests that provide protection against different kinds of weapons. When it comes to products of this kind, poor manufacturing and design could lead to the death of the person wearing it. We custom make our vests to suit our customers’ individual needs and requirements. All Monrovile(Pty)Ltd’s Bulletproof Vests are SABS tested and approved and comply with national and international standards and specifications. We strive to maintain optimum quality in everything we produce, because our customers’ safety is our main concern.

Our vests are available in a multitude of colours and your branding can be added at no additional cost to you. This is done so security staff can maintain a professional, uniform appearance, or an individual can have a unique vest. You will notice that our vests offer different levels of protection. This is reflective of what resistance they have against different weapons. Extensive testing has been done to determine the different levels. Anti-stab Vest Anti-stab Vests are pieces of reinforced body armour designed to protect the wearer against knife attacks from the back and chest and can be worn under or over other clothing. As with all our products, Monrovile(Pty)Ltd manufactures high-quality vests to do what they’re supposed to – protect lives! Bulletproof Vest Level II Kevlar Level II Bulletproof Vests are basic body armour vests made to withstand shots fired from handguns. It offers protection on the back, sides and front and can be worn under or over other pieces of clothing. Monrovile(Pty)Ltd’s Level II Bulletproof Vests contain Kevlar, high strength synthetic fibres that are woven together, widely used in personal protection items. Bulletproof Vest Level III Armour Plates To withstand shots fired from AK47s, vests need to include material with superior strength. Ballistic armour plates are strong and durable, offering increased protection to the wearer. These vests are designed to be worn in high-risk situations, this includes military and tactical teams, among others.

Bulletproof Vest Level IV Kevlar & Armour Plates Containing Kevlar and armour plates, Monrovile(Pty)Ltd’s level IV bulletproof vests offer outstanding all-round protection for the wearer against threats from different calibre rounds. These vests are available in a multitude of colours, like all our vests, and worn over clothing. Bulletproof Undercover Monrovile(Pty)Ltd’s undercover vests offer level II protection, the same resistance against shots fired from handguns as our other Kevlar vests. They are discretely designed to be worn with formal clothing, providing protection without looking conspicuous.


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